Carmen Basilique Cashmere

Beautifully unique.

There is nothing quite like the Carmen Basilique range of quality cashmere knitwear.

The designs are inspiring and made to fit, perfectly.


When you order your Carmen Basilique sweater you will take your measurements and send it in with your order. That way they know your exact size and can make sure your sweater fits perfectly.

Getting your order is as much a delight as the knitwear itself with their beautiful packaging, making it a truly delightful gift experience for a friend you want to surprise.

What makes this brand even more appealing, if that were possible, is that all the materials are sustainably and ethically sourced through manufacturers of the highest quality in Italy.

Your next favourite item is not just amazing to touch, heavenly to wear but eco friendly too – what more could we ask for?

See the range here


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