Get Produce Delivered To Your Home Direct From This Online Farmers’ Market

A new service has launched promoting Britain’s unsung farmers, their stories, their passion and produce. Harvest Bundle provides a platform to make it unbelievably convenient for consumers to find, buy and enjoy these talented grower’s produce.

The latest business to join the Almost Essential family is reconnecting the farmer with the consume so that you can get high quality, British grown farm produce direct to your door. Ben White-Hamilton, Founder of Harvest Bundle, says his company searches the country looking for the most exciting farmers and growers producing incredible food. “We promote real food, ethical and sustainable production. Food grown with passion and care.” says Ben.

In recent decades, farmers have been pushed hard on price with big consequences for our diets and our environment. Producers who instead insist on quality have found it difficult to sell to customers who appreciate the superior produce being grown. Similarly, customers, have found it difficult to find producers and easily purchase their supplies on a frequent basis.

Now, at this time of crisis, when many of us cannot get delivery slots at supermarkets or our favourite independent stores are closed, sign-ups to Harvest Bundle are skyrocketing, on top of an existing 200% month on month sales growth. Almost Essential members will want to take a look at this new service. Ben says “many of our farmers were producing for the top restaurants, including the Michelin star ones. Thus, they have been able to join Harvest Bundle in recent weeks satisfy hungry households. Farming, food and the countryside are my passions. In my previous careers I saw how the Big Retail was screwing the farmer and disconnecting the consumer from how their food is produced. I couldn’t sit there and ignore the problem any longer.”

By ordering your food and groceries with Harvest Bundle you’ll enjoy the very best produce and be supporting small, independent farmers by paying them a fair price for their work. “Say goodbye to mystery Food” says Ben, “I understand the farmers’ plight, I can see the issue with the current broken system and I have a vision of how to fix it. Harvest Bundle is re-establishing the link which existed for hundreds of years but which has been lost in the last fifty. I genuinely believe this is my calling – to reconnect the farmer with the consumer. In its rawest form, we sell the farmer first, and when people make the emotional connection with the farmer, their appreciation of the product follows.”

Ben’s vision is to see the nation reap benefits from a food system, that is more akin to those we enjoyed in the past. Demand for his service is currently high and we along with Ben hope that out of this pandemic we can create a higher quality, healthier, fairer and improved food supply chain. Visit Harvest Bundle’s website here.