Introducing Prettysac

Handmade in London each series is a limited edition, unique and perfectly you.

They have such a wonderful range you can literally find a Prettysac for every mood, outfit and occasion.

I am very excited about the fun and colorful metallic range which is just fabulous and so chic.

Another one of my favourites from the Prettysac team is the “scarf story”. This is where you take a scarf you may love but do not wear very often and upcycle it to your very own Prettysac bag. Such a fun way to use something that would otherwise be hiding at the back of your drawer.

They also have a variety of straps to choose from so you can change up the look of your Prettysac to suit the occasion.

Order your own or create a beautiful gift for a friend.
Either way every arm should have some of this eye candy.


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