On Guard Essential Oil


Very strong natural anti bacterial

Doterra Onguard essential oils blend are the key ingredients to  an entire household range of cleaning and personal hygiene products. It is so effective at killing germs and bacteria that several hospitals in the US are using it, such as Johns Hopkins, to combat staph infections.

It has a wonderful smell which reminds me of Christmas, with a powerful boost of cloves and wild orange.

It has been successfully used to knock out a sore throat overnight; Just two drops in the mouth at the back of the tongue every couple of hours does the trick. It comes in amazing tiny gel pearls which you can take internally to deliver the powerful medicinal punch to your GI tract or you can slightly wet the palm of your hand and lightly crush it to create an instant cloud of pleasant scent around you in places where you might feel overwhelmed, like on the tube.
I have been using the beadlets consistently each time I am coming down with a cold and have managed to keep it at bay thanks to this amazing oil.

The essential oil 15ml bottle is also one of the product to keep in your anti Corona virus cupboard; Follow the instructions to make the hand sanitizer yourself.
The hand wash is very powerful and still in stock and should be used to wash your hands when you come back home.


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