Organic Activewear

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This is the coolest ethically made organic yoga and activewear brand you can find. Carrot Banana Peach is designed in Britain by an ex Nike designer, who gave it the cool touch I love besides the extraordinaire softness of the fabric.
The collection is made from products grown from the ground that’s ethically made. You will benefit from the breathability, UV resistance, moisture wicking and quick drying properties of bamboo, soybean, aloe vera and organic cotton.

I love everything about this activewear brand; Not only the design is fabulous but the organic cotton is so soft and light , that everything feels itchy after you have worn this material. The colours are divine and each piece has a detail which makes it really cool, like a little pocket at the back of a t-shirt, cool netting at the back of a top, just check the pictures.

I also love their hoodies; Their running jackets are absolutely perfect to go running or even walking the dog in my case.

If you are thinking of spoiling your sons, husbands or boyfriends, their shorts and jogging pants are equally amazing.

The cherry on the cake is that AE gets 10% off, so go for it and become a Carrot Banana Peach addict like me.

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