£185.00 Foulara 90x90cm

Italian heritage meets contemporary design

Larissa Castellano Pucci better known as Lara is the founder of Foulara. A Florentine creative who loves to mix watercolours, 3D, sketches and film photography. As the grand daughter of Emilio Pucci, Larissa has grown up surrounded with whimsical colours and prints.

Foulara was born out of the boredom afforded by stiff minimalism and perfectly planned instagram grids. It’s about colourful prints that tell stories. The first collection is titled ‘Maledetti Toscani’ and draws from snapshots of the city of Florence; majestic architecture, funny sculptures, vegetable and fruit stalls, door handles and beautiful mosaic tilings…

The brand was conceived to re-introduce the foulard and silk as an ever-evolving wardrobe staple. By employing a zero-waste policy and working with local Italian family run businesses, the brand offers a collection of hand-drawn prints in various dimensions.Each print is a limited edition of 79 so if you like one you should buy it now.

With the leftover of a foulara she created the tagliatelle. When printing the foulard they use a silk that is wide 140 cm. The height of a foulard is 93 cm. Where does the rest of the silk go?
Introducing gluten free tagliatelle and the zero waste collection
With the 47 cm of leftover silk they have created a line of bandanas or belts – whichever suits your fancy most… For every two foulards printed there are two tagliatelle printed too and ZERO WASTE.

Fun, creativity and colours are the ingredients mix of this brand and the foulards… This is a coveted gift for all generation, the tagliatelle is loved by the teenagers.

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