Great Beach Accessories

Cool and affordable

Beach accessories are essential for your holidays and we always need new pretty flat sandals, a beach dress or even beach towels.

The “wrap around the ankle” ones come in gold and silver, and at £90 are a real steal, so no need to feel guilty buying another pair, like these colourful beaded ones (£65)

One of my favourite beach accessories are these colourful beach towels which are cotton on one side and terry towel on the other (£38)

There is also a great selection of Kaftans starting at £85, I went for the ones on the pictures; but there are many more which you might like.

Finally the beaded clutches are great fun for the evenings at the beach and are great value at £99

All the collection is made in Kenya and is ethically produced and of course sustain the local economy.

This a great find and guilt free shopping!


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