Prettysac, Drawstring Bag

£750.00 Logo Vintage Scarf Prettysac

Bring fun to your outfit, the prettysac is the latest must.

A drawstring pouch you can carry everywhere as an arm candy while keeping your hands free;  Two outside pockets to keep everything from your travel card to your iPhone accessible. A fun, colourful little bag you can dangle from your wrist. Take it anywhere, any time, any place.

Their classic collection is available in a wide array of colourful prints; Prettysac fans gravitate towards a colour and print that speaks to them, and build up a collection for different seasons, outfits and occasions. Handmade in London, each series is a limited edition: pick one that reflects your personality and choose the strap of your choice.

My favourite on the website is their “Scarf Story” which is about upcycling the vintage scarf you don’t wear anymore. Instead of having it sitting in a drawer why not make a Prettysac with it. The result is fabulous and so chic. There is a collection of beautiful Prettysac made of vintage scarves they have found, each one of them is unique so you need to grab them quickly! What is fun about vintage scarf is they have themes or colour schemes and you can therefore surprise someone with their favourite activities or colours.

Go and check their website. You will also discover their new Summer Tote Collection in vintage or African fabric. Only limited number available so hurry up to order yours.

Prices start at £110 for one of their original african prints one.


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