Crystal Champagne Cooler

£115.00 champagne cooler

A really chic addition to your drinks tray

This stunning Champagne Cooler is crafted from the finest crystal. Measuring 19cm in height and 19.5cm in diameter (at the top) it is the perfect size for a bottle of champagne. The crystal can be etched with initials, a message or a logo to create a truly unique and personal gift.
In that same collection, there is also a beautiful ice bucket (£45) crafted from the finest lead crystal. it is slightly smaller and measures 15cm in height.

They are very reasonably priced and will look really chic on your drinks tray.

If your budget is a bit higher, you should go for the version with a sterling silver base. The stunning ice bucket (£295) and Champagne cooler (£395) are crafted from the finest crystal and finished with a hallmarked sterling silver foot, measuring 15cm in height for the ice bucket and 19cm for the cooler. The silver can be engraved or the crystal can be etched to create a truly unique and personal gift.

They are all beautifully wrapped in their signature gift box.


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