Healing Energy Art

A new Art concept to surround us with the right energy field

Meeting Amaryllis is not like meeting your average person. I mean she can hear people’s thoughts, not to mention read your emotions. And then she can translate that all into an amazing piece of art for you to enjoy but also to surround you with the specific energy you need.

Amaryllis had a car crash when she was a model aged 19, which was a big turning point . She had an awful head injury that led to what she describes as using a different part of her brain, enabling her to “see” what is beneficial for others. Whether it is their health (she does a psychic body scan), guidance for what’s needed to bring the fulfilment into our lives and all this comes through the healing of her incredible art.
You can call it Healing Art; It’s definitely a new concept, but semi precious stones (like crystals of amethyst or tourmaline) are meditated on by Amaryllis specifically for the client and when placed in our home can then make us feel fantastic.  And with her 22 years of experience in energy, these art panels are pretty powerful. One of her clients told me that he feels a total sense of peace in his office now, instead of the usual stress. Technology is all around us pretty much all the time, with wifi everywhere and apparently black tourmaline cancels out many of the wifi waves that are damaging. I will have to give it a try, as it is difficult to dispose of all the technology and the bad energy associated with it.
“From being quite ignorant about Stones and the effect they have on people I sat with an art panel Amaryllis had made and I definitely felt a different mood come over me. A sense of adrenaline and excitement happened when I sat near her amethyst art panel. I felt quite high. I felt much calmer near her white quartz crystal one and felt that would definitely be the one more for me, as I’m usually quite ungrounded and in need of some zen most of the time.” as related by one of her client.

Prices depend on which stone is used but start at £6,800 + VAT, it can be made as a wall piece or a standing piece. Usually 70cm panel mounted on birchwood.
Contact Amaryllis now via the Almost Essential website; She will be very happy to meet with you and talk you through the healing piece of Art she could create specifically for you .


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