Well Priced High Quality Caviar

A traditional yet delicious and very well priced caviar

Why not treat yourself to caviar? My usual dealer in caviar is recommending us the Persika brand of high quality caviar produced in Europe (Italy and Bulgaria mostly),  it is very reasonably priced. He gives us the choice of 3 types;

Baeri: Traditional caviar eaters who would wait for the spring season to taste the Sevruga caviar would be pleased to taste this delicious Baeri as it’s reminiscent of the classic Sevruga (the original flavour of the sea). A marvellous gôut de la mer, which would please any experienced caviar eater.

250grs £290, 500grs £536, 1kg £1030

Oscietra: This season we have this deliciously nutty caviar with a firmer shell which has a lovely texture in the Oscietra’s classic grey hue.

250grs £350, 500grs £650, 1kg £1,254

Beluga: An exceptional quality Beluga this season which is very similar to the wild Beluga of the past. Creamy, buttery and mild with a soft shell that has an exceptionally large grain size of 3.5mm and above due to only ‘third maturity’ sturgeons of 20years of age and above being used.

250grs £900, 500grs £1,750, 1kg £3,500

Your order will be delivered to your home in a specially iced packed carton within 48 hours after the order is confirmed and delivery is free. Minimum order of 125grs  except during Christmas period.

Email me or call me and I will organise it all for you.


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