Iranian Imperial Beluga Caviar

Rich, Creamy and Unforgettable

Iranian Imperial Beluga; What better caviar could you wish for? Black Gold Caviar has produced the one and only!

Beluga is the rarest and most expensive kind of caviar on the market. The Beluga sturgeon can take between 8 to 20 years to mature enough to harvest. The most superior and expensive caviars are older, larger eggs that are lighter in colour. Lower quality caviar is younger with a less intense flavour and darker in colour.
This fish which produces this caviar is farmed locally in Iran using the highest farming and sourcing practices. Each egg measures between 3-3.2mm with a greyish colour and a rich, creamy, unforgettable flavour. This caviar comes from a Beluga Sturgeon fish aged between 12 to 15 years old. The quality of caviar relies directly upon the wellbeing of the sturgeons. This is why they are using Caspian sea water in their farms and feed the sturgeons with the highest quality food.

As part of their commitment to quality, every single roe is 100% traceable and follows strict procedures on fish farming techniques and caviar processing protocol. They strictly abide by the international regulations imposed to protect these species.

This caviar is truly a treat for the connoisseur and is reasonably priced bearing in mind the high quality of their product.
50 grs £150
125 grs £350

I love the enthusiasm and passion for quality of the Black Gold team who brought this caviar to the market.


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