The Epitome of Luxury

These lacquered Butler Trays are the ultimate luxurious home accessory. They are master crafted by the best lacquer specialist in Asia and the design are the epitome of elegance.
From the enigmatic depths of haut-lacquer, this hand-painted creation is the result of a painstaking 32-step process. During three months, it was sanded and re-sanded, so knowing hands could expertly submerge it in two dozen layers of resin carefully extracted from cashew shells.
Each of the trays comes with a certificate of authenticity indicating their serial number. Each edition has only 40 pieces.
Dimensions: 45cm * 71cm

There are 4 designs to choose from and each of them has a story to tell.

ETOILE: Genius is a form of passion: a single-minded devotion to understanding something greater than ourselves.
For Tycho Brahe’s this meant conquering nothing short of the heavens. So much so, that he lost his nose to the sword of a fellow Danish nobleman and mathematician, duelling over a math problem at a friend’s wedding. From age 20, he would sport a precious-metal prosthetic for the rest of his life.
KINGMAKER: “A man’s a man”, wrote George Elliot, “But when you see a king, You see the work of a thousand men”.
Praetorian Guard, Consigliere, Chef de Cabinet—history gives many names to those who eschew power’s limelight for the soft glow of influence. While not candidates for the throne themselves, kingmakers know best how palace games are played, their sway and might over the body politic deciding where the chips may fall.
CASATI: Countess by birth, heiress by adolescence, Marchesa by marriage, and mesmerizing by all accounts.
Born into centuries-old traditions of tiaras and lace, Luisa Casati traded marriage for a life of art—a poetic love affair that would blossom into a bohemian whirlwind, tantalizing and scandalizing her cohort.
POISON: The parting of the lips, the rubbing of the flesh, the sharing of breath—poison begs intimacy to penetrate the defences. We intoxicate to subdue, to delude and to charm, be it others or ourselves. Poison’s delicate artfulness and subtle presence take a particularly feminine touch. An aromatic handful dried and ground like spice. A floral spray extracted and reduced. A vial of saps and secretions fermented like rare vintage.

The sturdy stand will take your butler tray gracefully from bedside breakfast to formal dinner, via garden parties and games of backgammon by the pool.
Hailing from Lisbon, where it was hand-forged in a family-owned atelier, its pure brass gleam makes a perfect, cosmopolitan counterpoint to the satin lustre of Vietnamese lacquer.
Dimension: 66cm (H) x 52cm (W)

Email Lucila to get more info and to order your beautiful tray, remember only 40 of each have been produced.


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