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Victoria Cator Candles range are sexy and reminiscent of memories, giving you the “madeleine of Proust” experience. Of course, I have my favourite one, “Cuir Sacre” which she defines as “this is a candle for sin….a scent that gets under your skin”. She  describes each fragrance in a very colourful, playful way which makes you want to light them all.

Winter calls for the classic “Touche Bois”: “In the library a fire crackles, the hearth gleams beyond a rosewood desk, piled with leather bound books, Italian ink and a lingering puff of black tobacco, lighter fuel tangled with horses, hoof oil and gunpowder. Exciting, evocative and eternal.” A mixture of  Juniper, Armoise, Plum and Cedar wood.

“La Vie En Rose” is your perfect rose scent with a combination of top notes including Lily of the Valley, Tuscan Black pepper, Lemon and of course rose.

I favour her last Summer release “Cala Grande” as it reminds me of one of the Argentario, my favourite Italian seaside spot. The top notes are mint, grapefruit and blackcurrant with undertones of tomato ;eat and ginger.

The quality of the wax is so amazing that the fragrance diffuses in your room even when the wicks are not lit. They are presented in a  thick dark green glass jar and have 2 wicks which makes them even more special.

This is the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest; How about choosing the candle which you think match their personality? I would love that as a present, it is really thoughtful.

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