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Tamara and Jay , the designers behind TAY are inspired by the great style icons from the roaring 1920’s through to the hedonistic ’70’s such as Wallis Simpson, Talitha Getty, Jaqueline Onassis ,Marrisa Berenson and Princess Margaret, all of whom wore unapologetically bold, large and unusual jewels.

For such women, no occasion was too mundane not to wear fabulous pieces, whether it be while boarding a plane, browsing the souks of Cairo & Marrakech… or even just laying by a pool… (think Slim Aarons)

The designers of these periods were inspired by the colours, decadence and mysticism of Near and Far East Orientalism, the iconography of Byzantines, the symbolism of the Middle Ages and the motifs of the Persian & Ottoman Empires.

Both Tamara and Jay have been surrounded by such influences from an early age having spent a large part of their lives in the East. The culmination of those influences and their nostalgia for bygone lifestyles is the inspiration behind their designs. Using natural semi-precious stones, set in gold plated brass or silver, a piece of TAY will be a lasting chic addition to your jewellery collection.
It is also great gift which will make someone feel very special.


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