Personalised Travel Accessories

Iconic blue and red clothes carrier

You might remember “Eximious” as a feature of the 80’s, the navy and green clothes covers which became iconic travel accessories combining high quality and  practicality. Eximious was also the precursor to the embroider monograms on the clothes carriers.

I was thrilled to find out they were recently revived and all their personalised  travel accessories can now be ordered online. The clothes covers are durable, light and showerproof with a generous gusset, folding loop and 6” tag to wrap round up to three coat hangers. The clothes cover are matched with the same colour sponge bags and shoe bags.

They have a great range of personalised travel bags and holdalls in a thick canvas with leather handles. They also offer boot bags, gun sleeves and dog cushions.

Really worthwhile a visit…just click on the go to their website and place your order; And monograms are included in the price!


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