Arm Candy – Prettysac


Bring fun to your outfit, the prettysac is the latest must.

A drawstring pouch you can carry everywhere as an arm candy while keeping your hands free;  Two outside pockets to keep everything from your travel card to your iPhone accessible. A fun, colourful little bag you can dangle from your wrist. Take it anywhere, any time, any place.

I recently discovered Prettysac which was created and launched in December 2016 by two London-based friends with similar sensibilities, and a desire to channel their creative talent into a versatile, stylish and quirky product. Co-creators Paulette Mizrahi and Sabine Smouha have used their backgrounds in the fashion and accessory industry to develop Prettysac. The idea was born over the friends’ mutual love of African fabrics and the timeless practicalities of a drawstring pouch.

Available in a wide array of colourful prints, it’s difficult to choose just one. Prettysac fans gravitate towards a colour and print that speaks to them, and build up a collection for different seasons, outfits and occasions. Handmade in London, each series is a limited edition: pick one that reflects your personality.

There is an evening one, with sequins and lined in satin which is really special. Their new cha cha edition with fun fringes comes in all sorts of happy colours which will put you in a good mood when you go out at night.

Prices start at £90 and I would still choose one with fur pompom in the Summer.


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