Candles in a unique Murano vessel

Two gifts in one, delicious candle in a beautiful Murano vessel

I love candles and I love beautiful Murano glasses, so this a heavenly find for me.

EmmaForbesHome idea to make candles started from her passion for collecting glass and the fact she was never without candles burning in her home … to blend the two seemed something no one had done before and also stopped the wastage of throwing away a candle container as you have a beautiful piece of Murano glass left !! From Murano to white friars all mid century pieces of glass in vibrant colours shapes and designs …

Each candle comes in a one off piece of hand selected glass.. pristine vintage pieces that can be used after or refilled via Rachel vosper. The fragrance is bespoke to Emma and a refreshing and delicious blend of essential oils with a touch of neroli, amber and eucalyptus. Each piece is the perfect finishing touch to a room and a great gift for the person who has everything !!

Prices start at£120

Call or Email her now to go and view her collection to buy your favourite candle.


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