Invaluable Parenting Advice

How to understand your children better; call or email Elaine or Melissa to organise a workshop

As we know children do not come with an instructions manual…Don’t worry though, I have found the A team to help us understand our children better thanks to this invaluable parenting advice they share during sessions as part of an established course.

How many of you find yourself having to nag and repeat and remind to get your children to do the simplest of tasks?
Do you believe your child has very selective hearing, as he’ll ignore a simple request to come to the dinner table, but absolutely hear when you ask if he wants some ice cream!
Getting children to follow instructions can be the most frustrating aspect of parenting and it’s easy to lose our cool and end up shouting like a banshee!
If you would like to empower yourself with the 3 stage approach to maximising cooperation and bring calm and ease to your family life, and learn many other skills to ensure you
• learn how to stop bedtime battles and homework horrors,
• have children who are resilient and can cope with life’s knocks
• develop kids with high emotional intelligence
• can stay calm when your buttons are pressed
• know how to promote sibling harmony

I thoroughly recommend them, I attended one session and found their parenting advice really helpful and relevant.

You can join Melissa and Elaine and their team in a variety of locations in Clapham, Wimbledon, Barnes, Earlsfield or Chelsea for their 10 week positive parenting course, or have a bespoke parent consultation or even host a workshop in your own home and have a parenting party.

Do call or email Elaine or Melissa for more info, they will explain all the options on offer.

I wish I knew them when my children were smaller, it would have relieved many stressful moments…They do offer teenager workshops as well, so in my case it is not too late to benefit from their huge expertise…


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