Charlotte Noel-UK Schools Advisor

£200.00 initial consultation

Experience matters when it comes to advice on London schools.

With 2 boys who went through the private education system in London and who are now in their respective senior schools, we experienced the unbearable competition to get them into schools in London. All the anxious parents wanting their children to go the same highly selective few schools makes the process even more unbearable.

Of all the schools advisors I met, I wish I had known Charlotte a few years ago to get her insight and advice on which schools is right for my boys and prepare them to get into the right schools. Her hand holding guidance and emotional support she could have given my boys (and us), would have been invaluable.

Charlotte comes as a highly recommended schools advisor; With 12 years invaluable experience in the independent school sector, she offers a great depth of experience and knowledge. She even started an education magazine a few years ago as she felt there was a real void for information related to independent schools.

She will advise you on which schools would be most appropriate for your children and facilitate their application, but of course do not expect miracles…if she thinks your child won’t thrive and be happy at one of the schools with highly competitive entry, she will tell you and take you through equally good alternative options. This is where her advice is invaluable; assessing where your child will be at his/her best and give you an insight on the DNA of all the schools out there.

She charges £200 for an initial consultation either phonecall or meeting- I highly recommend you start with a consultation which will give you a taste of her invaluable knowledge.


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