Caviar with Life


High quality and sustainable

For millions of years, the Swiss part of the Rhone in Switzerland was the natural habitat of caviar sturgeon. It all came to an end when the dams were built. Luckily, Kasperskian decided to bring this critically endangered caviar specie back to their ancestral homeland.

KASPERSKIAN caviar sturgeon live in the purest of sparkling, crystal-clear water and are fed on a perfect diet. They are very well cared for, and looked after with the utmost devotion by this expert team. Their sturgeon produce their caviar naturally over a long and healthy lifetime, not just once but many times.

The purity, taste and texture of KASPERSKIAN Caviar with Life make it exclusive and unique. Every “pearl” has its special character. Nothing is added to nature’s creation other than a little salt to bring out the flavours, making it a truly unequalled gastronomic luxury, very comparable to the sevruga caviar egg in terms of size and taste.

Try it, you will be amazed how delicious it is and it is really nice to add it to some dishes like gnocchi or eggs in the morning. They are Baeri eggs, their quality is very similar to Beluga.

Delivery is £15 and allow 24hrs to get it at your doorstep.


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