Fitness Training – Michael And His Team

£60.00 per hour

Choose a team of young passionate and talented trainers adapted to your fitness needs.

Michael’s passion is fitness training; as a trainer he works closely with his client to help them achieve their targeted goals. He has a very good understanding of the body and will work within its constraints. He is gentle if you want him to be and will push you harder if that is what you want and need. He came to my house with a little machine; once he has entered all your datas, it gives you amazing markers on your body fitness.

He has with 6 years experience and all the qualifications including Personal Training Level 3, Chek scientific core training and Chek scientific back training.

He is also certified in Trx suspension trainer, Kettle bells, Boxing – pad work and Group / Bootcamp Training

Michael whom I had my session with, is the senior trainer and founder of this practice; he has a team of highly qualified and experienced fitness professional trainers specialising in Weight loss, Strength and conditioning, Sports performance, Posture correction,  Lifestyle management

He and his team work closely with their clients to create a holistic programme with 3 key factors, your Goals, your Lifestyle, your Results.

Michael is very good at creating a bespoke personal training service for both comfort & convenience at clients homes, local parks & offices.

He first meets you to assess your needs and choose the best qualified trainer. They start at £70 per session. They have 3 packages to choose from . Call or Email Michael for more details on how he can best meet your fitness needs,



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