Remodelage Massage To Reshape Your Body and Face

AE gets 20% on the first package of facial or body massage booked until the end of March.

I have discovered the amazing “remodelage”, slimming and re-shaping technique of Martine de Richeville’s massages. Its results are quiet amazing. It does genuinely work at reshaping and toning your body. Martine has taken 15 years to develop and refine her technique and has now trained her own team to deliver the same results. She and her team are highly regarded and respected in Paris, Brussels and Geneva, where she has salons. Thankfully, she has now opened in London.

In London, her son, Julien is in charge of remodelling our bodies (obviously talent runs in the family!). If you prefer a lady, the equally talented, Donia will work wonders on your body shape and tone.
Donia joined the Martine de Richeville’s Remodelage team in early 2017, she trained as a spa therapist in the prestigious Elegance-Gontard School in Nice. She also trained as a Ayurveda therapist and yoga teacher in the Indian region of Kerala. This diverse background brings a holistic approach to her massage technique.

The first session might not be so pleasant but you soon get used to it and most importantly the results kick in very quickly!

They have developed the same technique for the face to give it the ultimate lift. The effects are quite extraordinary if you look at my before and after picture (Apologies for my before picture)

Read Olivia Falcon, Need to Know blog post on this technique HERE

Definitely worth a trial.

£180 per massage or £1600 for 10.

£160 per facial massage, £750 for 5 and £1400 for 10

Mention AE when you book as AE gets 20% off the first package of facial or body massage booked until the end of March. I have already had 2 facial sessions and going for 10…I need 10 years off my face, who doesnt actually?

Watch the magic hands in action below


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