Yoga Teacher-Saskia Vidler

Simply Amazing Yoga Teaching

Saskia has been a yoga practitioner for over twenty-two years and has been teaching for over fifteen. She is of the few who have spent five years living in India, studying the Ashtanga system directly with her teacher Sri K Pattabhi Jois, one of the most influential teachers of the last century, and his grandson R.Sharath.
Due to a near fatal accident as a teenager and a later motorcycle accident, resulting in lasting injuries, she approaches the practice as a healing modality and a way of breaking the boundaries of ‘perceived’ limitations. The emphasis is on working through mental/physical patterns, so that healthy body/mind mechanics and relationship awareness of breath may be achieved. “It is about what you can do, not what you can’t”. Her style is authentic, rooted in the tradition of tailoring the practice to each practitioner, privately or in a group. Her approach is hands on offering adjustments and techniques to address denser areas of the body. She draws on her wide breadth of knowledge and experience of yoga to make it accessible to students. Saskia divides her time between teaching and her art advisory/sourcing activities which is her other passion.

£140/ hour one off
£120/ hour for five classes
£110/ hour for ten classes

She also offers a zoom option at £80 per class.
I loved my session with Saskia and she immediately spotted where my weaknesses were and gave me really good tips to overcome them. You can feel her love of teaching through the whole yoga practice.


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