Harmonise Your Home, Office, Wardrobe With Isi

Spring clean your space, wardrobe and soul

You don’t know your home or office needs to be sorted out until you meet with Isi. She came to my house and immediately pointed out that my office space needed to be set up differently. She made me change it all around and I haven’t looked back….I feel so much better, more productive and supported than before…don’t ask me why…it is her magic!

Actually it isn’t really magic, her expertise is drawn from the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, and balancing the 5 elements; she has infused this age-old knowledge to her skills and created her own modern and intuitive style of space organising and harmonising.

Isi von Stedingk works with you clearing your home and office space to enable better productivity and focus; she will find how best to support you and look into the areas where your energy and resources are being drained. The results are life changing and really worth going through the investment in time and money.

Her past experience in the fashion world as well as Style Editor for French Vogue and later as her own accessories brand designer, gives her the best ability to help you clean, edit and streamline your wardrobe. She will advise with all aspect of streamlining, storing, adapting your wardrobe, as well as personalised shopping and styling sessions if needed.
Tips on Tap is a fabulous added service for which clients can reach her on What’s App from anywhere in the world from any changing room to ask her what she thinks about a potential purchase. She tried and tested all summer with clients and it was brilliant.

The price range for Wardrobe Editing work starts at £120 per hour. To treat a friend for a special occasion, give her a ISI gift card which buys a chosen number of hours of ISI precious advice.

The Home Organiser Harmoniser consultation is sold as a package due to the amount of work hours involved and depending on the size of the property or room. Her intial consultation starts at £300

Just ring or email her to meet with her and discuss your personalised requirements.


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