£85.00 Per Treatment

By far the best reflexology treatment I have had in a long time.

This will be a very special hour just dedicated to your physical and emotional wellbeing. A very caring girl friend sent me, the talented reflexology practitioner Matt to relieve tension and stress, and it did! I felt so much lighter and calmer after the session that it was worth every penny and I will definitely carry on having regular ones.
Matt’s unique reflexology practice brings together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being into one complete healing process.
It is a treatment that takes you on a journey of self-inquiry and introspection, where emotional and spiritual blockages can be identified and released along with the corresponding physical manifestations in the body.
The aim of reflexology treatment is to address the core issues held in the body and mind, to bring about a state of relaxation, self-awareness, love, acceptance and joy.
Reflexology has proven to help many people suffering from physical pain and other imbalances, ranging from chronic fatigue and cancer symptoms to emotional fragility, anxiety and depression. This technique has profound benefits for people of all ages and genders and is suitable for every- one regardless of their beliefs or approach to life.
Matt is driven by helping people reconnect to the true meaning of physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Pursuing multiple and distinct paths in his own life has helped him shape his work’s purpose and scope. After working as a paramedic for many years, his focus shifted towards mindfulness, energy healing and consciousness. His own journey of self-discovery and the emotional and spiritual teachings that have come through this, have enabled him to craft a new approach to reflexology. This technique encompasses a holistic understanding of the meaning of health, integrating the depth of the human psyche, subconscious and unconscious into the reflexology treatment.
Matt co-founded Le Ciel Foundation, a not-for-profit dedicated to restoring harmony be- tween Man and Nature, as well as Alternate Paradigms, which provides transformative coaching solutions to businesses and individuals.


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