Create Your Own Jewellery

An innovative concept which enables you to create your own piece of jewellery online

The combination of a luxury industry expert and a tech expert is at the origin of Banneya London: “We were both passionate about innovation, products and quality. We also thought that luxury was being re-defined by technology and we wanted to be part of this paradigm shift. We are looking to create a ‘jewel-tech’ revolution and decided to embark on this extraordinary journey”
Banneya London, offers beautiful fine jewellery pieces, hand-selected by their creative team, from the best jewellery designers across the world. Banneya London brings to life a dazzling array of designs; what stands them apart from other jewellery business is that all their jewellery can be customised, personalised and made to order.
So, if you like a design it can be reproduced in any material and size of your choice. And if you are tech savvy, you can do it all online so you can visualise it.

One of my favourite designer, Allegra Hicks has designed a stunning collection exclusively for them.  A fine jewellery Olive Branch collection inspired by the Mediterranean, a delicate range that was born from the beauty of olive vines and branches. Much like her previous work, this collection takes inspiration from the organic shapes found in the natural world. The pieces are intricate, playful and interchangeable and of course can be customised to suit your taste and preferences.

I also picked Parsons trained, Canadian designer Vanessa Gillespie. Her work is heavily inspired by her background as an art historian, anchored in a true artistic sensibility. As a medievalist, Vanessa’s designs are often inspired by its rich ornementation; her aim is to produce jewellery that is wearable, whilst still maintaining an air of glamour and luxury.
Flora Bhattachary’s whirl collection also caught my attention as well as the honeycomb ring which is Banneya in house design.

Check the new designer they have just taken on board, the Wild Flowers Collection by Take Naka.

I find all these pieces easy to wear, very chic and yet quite unique design wise. If you want to view any of the pieces, just contact them from the Banneya website and ask for Misa, she will come by your home and give you excellent advice.

I love the fact that each piece can be adapted to your taste and you can choose colour, material and size… also you can do it all online…I had fun playing with it. Try it now, you will love it. Almost Essential gets a complimentary gift…it is a surprise 🙂


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