Revolutionary Spray Tan


New glow version, even better.

Beautiful Supermodel Celia Former Venturi came up with this perfect spray tan product or Colour Shield, which dries instantly and has no smell at all; the brand is called Alleven. It does cover all your skin imperfections and leaves it all even and tan.
She worked 5 years to come up with the perfect formula and the result is really worth it. It contains no bad chemical ingredients and the aerosol is ozone friendly.

The Color Shield also called Body Concealer has been developed with some of Europe’s top chemists and most effective ingredients and is the first product of its kind. The color shield works to perfect the appearance of the skin while providing protection against sun damage.

The Color Shield is a multi-tasking skin perfector and works to instantly hide all of the skin’s imperfections, hydrate the skin and boost luminosity to leave you with flawless-looking skin. Whether you’ve got a big event to attend, want to perfect your skin for bikini season or weekend away,

It comes in 4 shades, Pearl, Ivory, Sand and Amber. If you have a really fair skin like me, take the Pearl or Ivory; the lucky ladies with an olive skin need the Sand and the people with a darker skin need the Amber one; If you are already tanned from your holidays, you might want to take the Amber shade. They all come in 100ml size apart from the Pearl Color Shield which is only available in 200ml at the moment.

She has now released the Glow version of the Colour Shield which is even better; the colour shades are the same it just glows and shimmers on your skin. I love it even more actually.

They both have a SPF 20, so it is ideal to use on the beach, for these very first days when one is very white. Just note it is not a self tan product.

Olivia Falcon, Almost Essential Beauty Editor recommends it highly as well; Read her blog review here 

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