Waxed Linen Tablemats


Dress up your table

These amazing tablemats are the chicest ones in town. They are made in Italy and are in waxed linen. This means you can wipe them clean as often as you need them to be refreshed and they don’t need to be washed after each use. Use my recommended magical natural stain remover if you spill wine! They can be machine washed too at 30 degree and iron on the reverse side with a cloth to protect the waxed linen.

They look great on any table surface whether wooden, marble or even on a table cloth, it dresses up your dinner or lunch table very elegantly.

I selected this particular shape because they are of a generous size, they can be set with plates, knives and forks and the glasses on them. They come in a array of colours and I have made a fall/Winter selection for you. Check the pictures to choose your favourite colour.

The scarlet red is a good one for your Christmas table. Order now to make sure you have it for Christmas.. They can be monogrammed too.

If you were interested in larger orders (8+), other colours or shapes or your tablemats to be monogrammed please email me and we will sort it all out for you.

You can match them with linen napkins ( not waxed), prices start at £25 per napkins, generously sized.


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