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The charming and passionate Laura Pigorini is the founder of London School Advice. She is a Spanish lawyer who went to boarding school in England and came back to London with her family in 2002. She enjoyed the process of finding the right schools for her three children so much that she decided to continue this work and help other families do the same and went to set up her school advisory business in 2012.

She has first-hand experience of how difficult it can be to find the right school for your child in an unfamiliar educational system, and has been through many of the worries you may be experiencing as a family. Finding the right school is important, and this can be difficult when there are endless league tables, brochures, websites, and word of mouth information to navigate. The task can be especially daunting when English isn’t your native language.

All their recommendations are based on an average of many years of experience from each of their small team of experts. For each family they hand-pick a specialist that’s relevant to your child and your chosen educational pursuit who will work alongside your family at every step of the process. she strongly believes in finding the right schools where happy children can flourish.

Their educational consultants specialise in different aspects of the education system. Each of them carry extensive knowledge and experience having worked as headteachers, teachers, housemasters, heads of academics, governors, school advisors and educational psychologists, with an accumulated experience of more than 40 years of academics and vast parental experience as well.

They also offer advice on UK and European university application.

What I liked about her is how much she is passionate about education and how she genuinely cares about the families she works with.

I would strongly recommend you ring or email Laura via Almost Essential for an initial consultation


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