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In this day and age of social media craze, hiding behind a screen has become the way to discover, learn and expand our horizons.

Christine and Benedicte, the best french additions to London life, have decided to overcome this social media syndrome and have created a social and cultural club; actually a real community in London. This all stemmed from Christine recent move to London; she realised there was a gap for newcomers to London or even well established Londoners. She then met Benedicte who had been here for a while…the rest is history!

The essence of the B&C club is to gather people of a similar mindset who not only have pleasure in seeing each other but also are looking to expand their knowledge of the Art, Culture, Geopolitical, Luxury and Fashion world.

Our dynamic duo proposes up to 6 events a month, so you can pick and choose what takes your fancy; They always try to make it special for their members; exhibition visits with the related expert before opening times, meeting with fashion designers, lectures with a prominent expert in a specific geopolitical field…

If you want to make the most of what they have organised for their members, including exclusive discounts negotiated with major fashion, jewellery or hotel brands, you should become a full member. The fee is £700 per year, but you can also pay per event which catches your attention.

Of course they have set up a website and if you are a full member, you can communicate with the members via that platform, and access all the “privileges” set up specifically for the club members.

When you get in touch with them, mention Almost Essential recommended you, it is better to be introduced to keep the feeling of community.

See you at an event there!


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