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Facial fitness is a key part to your routine fitness programme.

FaceToned® is a revolutionary natural, healthy and holistic Modern Beauty and Fitness Routine. Designed to battle the signs of ageing, FaceToned® uses the principals of Pilates to exercise and tone the muscles in the face to refresh, reinvigorate and rejuvenate your overall facial appearance.

Came Farre, founder of renowned Studio Carme, a private Pilates studio for face and body in Notting Hill recommended on Almost Essential launched FaceToned® to be the first online fitness website for the face including: tutorials, workouts, recipes and webinars all to train your facial muscles.
FaceToned® is not a treatment, facial or massage. It is a workout of your facial muscles the same way you would do with the body.
• Trains your facial muscles just like your body.
• Delivers visible results in a short period in a fun and easy way.
• Achieves a non-invasive ‘facelift’.
• Combines Pilates technique with working out at the rhythm of the music!
• Just exercises – No lasers, no chemicals, no gimmicks, no massage.
• You just need yourself! No preparation time.
• Can be done anywhere, anytime by anyone at any age.
FaceToned® is more than a Workout, it offers many advantages like
• Helps your muscles to keep toned and strong.
• Increases your energy levels, working as an anti-depressant as you look at your face and you feel happier.
• Helps relaxation and to help you sleep better like any other work out does.
• Superficial wrinkles will be reduced, and future ones avoided.
• You will become more aware of your personal facial expressions and potentially tone them down to avoid
unnecessary over-folding of your skin. Consequently, you will avoid unnecessary wrinkles.
• Rehabilitation technique to balance the face after a stroke or illness that may affect your facial muscles.
Face Toned offers you different program of exercises, webinars and healthy nutrionaly well balanced recipes prepared with the help of nutritionist.

I strongly believe in facial fitness and I love the idea that you can do it all at home whenever it suits you and not being tied up to a studio schedule.
Carme is very kindly offering 10% off for the first 3 months if you subscribe for 1 year to her website. Just Insert AE10 when you checkout. FaceToned monthly subscription is $25 and for a year $250.


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