Facial Fitness with Carme

£110.00 per hour

Keep your face toned

Believe it or not our face needs exercise the same way our body does! If you think of it, it does make sense. our face has many muscles; facial fitness is a clever way to keep these muscles toned. Facial exercise is the new skincare trend to take London by storm and consists of taking care of your face from inside out. Carme’s fitness regime can help you to improve your face appearance by providing you with a series of simple and easy to do exercises which you can do at home for just ten minutes per day. Using a combination of approximately eight exercises from a total set of thirty in your first class, and for as little as one hour per week, you can tone your facial muscles. Your face appears more youthful because the underlying muscles are strong and provide the face with increased volume.

Having trained with the world renowned Eva Fraser, you are in good hands with Carme. She will teach you all the exercises you need to do on a regular basis to keep your face muscles toned. You will get a booklet to remind you how to practice them at home on your own.

She recommends you have 4 sessions of practice with her and will give a discount if you book the 4 sessions.

I went to try it and indeed I could feel all my facial muscles working. Judging by Carme beautifully toned face you want to give it a go! Go with your girlfriend it makes it more fun, looking at each other making these funny faces!
Carme has just started a group class for 5 on Monday mornings at 9am. Price is normally £50, she is giving Almost Essential 50% discount for you to sample her class until the end of October. Just mention AE when you call or email her via AE website now. Read her interview here



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