Juice Cleansing

Juice cleansing programmes delivered at your home

Beauty Editor, Olivia Falcon put me on this delicious selection of balanced cold-pressed, organic juice cleansing directly delivered to your door. This business was started by 2 switched on ladies, Angelina and Tenna, whose passion and knowledge, combined with influences from experts such as David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousins, compelled them to produce cold-pressed organic nutrition where no corners were cut. Their products are Certified Organic for maximum health benefits and they provide juices, mylks, tonics, broths of the highest quality. All packaged in glass bottles for sustainability.

There are several cleansing programmes  to choose from which are very clearly explained and adapted to your level of experience with juice cleansing.

If you are not into cleansing programmes, they have a delicious selection of juices, broths and kefirs. Kefir tonics (an enzyme-rich drink filled with friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria, Vitamins, calcium and magnesium along with amino acids and enzymes) are not only a must but also delicious, if you’ve been on antibiotics or just want to boost a sluggish digestive system.

If in doubt on which programme to choose, email Angelina here. She is there for you. Enjoy!


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