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Taking on the job of decorating your own home without using an interior designer can seem like a good idea, but there may come a moment when you feel you are unable to progress and need some advice. If you are in this position now, Katherina is your go to expert to help with styling your room.
As an interiors consultant she will guide and give you the confidence to decide on paint colours and fabric swatches that have left you in a spin. Often a painting or chair in the wrong position can create a feeling of unease and discontent and yet you cannot work out how to change it. She will help you turn the room into one you love using what you have.

Following 12 years as a designer and creator of her own accessories range, she gained the ability to spot what is right and what is not.
Even the most confident of people can reach a point where they have questions and hesitations that they find hard to solve. It can therefore be useful to have a professional who will cast their eye over your designs. Katherina will inspire, advise and help turn a room that ‘doesn’t quite work’ into a room that does.

She will spend half a day with you, during which time she will give you the confidence to finish the project. If you would like to know more, Katherina will be delighted to have a preliminary conversation with you. She is happy to travel anywhere within the UK.

Give someone the gift that keeps giving; Half a day with The Independent Eye, worth £350 and hourly visit in London are £100 per hour.

2 reviews for Home Stylist

  1. S.A in Shropshire

    “I asked Katherina to come and make an appraisal of my house, which has spent the last few years rather un-loved or tended to, with a view to maximising its aesthetic appeal. She did the most wonderful job, taking an overview of the contents and layout of the downstairs space, and then began to pluck an item from one room and put it into another, sometimes doing a direct swap of furniture or rugs, sometimes simply putting an item in a different place. Her ideas are quite simple, but extremely effective, and within a short amount of time, without resorting to expensive additions, (except for a little extra lighting), the house began to take on a much more loved and cared-for feel, with a logical sense of flow, which I never could have achieved without her input. I would highly recommend Katherina’s flare for what looks good, and for making the very most of what you already have sitting in your house, but perhaps not currently showing itself off to its best effect. Book her services now!”
    SA Shropshire July 2020

  2. Camilla B

    ‘I asked Katherina to come an see my home, which I felt was lacking flow, style and generally had become too cluttered.
    We spent a lovely day together, it was hard work as we moved furniture, lamps, cushions, re-hung paintings and pictures and created some beautiful clusters of china and glass.
    My husband surprised me by noticing and commentating on how good the house looked when he returned that evening!
    Katherina brings ideas and practical advice, she guided me to make a few non-expensive changes and we spent time discussing an ongoing project which hugely helped to focus my thoughts and I will be asking her to return to pull this together with me.
    She followed up her visit with a written summary of the changes and plans going forward.

    Camilla B November 2020

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