Lot-Buy or Sell Designer Furniture

LOT is  about buying and selling design furniture.

LOT is a simple new way of buying or selling designer furniture online from other caring owners. It’s run for people who love design, by people
who love design. No auctions. No dealers or retailers. No hype or hassle. Just great furniture, assessed by experts for its quality,
authenticity and value, waiting for a new home.
LOT is the brainchild of entrepreneur Kate Groes and international interior designer Lynne Hunt.
When Kate was unable to find a place for many of her best-loved and most valuable designer furniture in her new home, she faced the time-consuming process of selling them through an auction house.
It was then that she came up with the idea of an alternative: an online edited marketplace where high-quality modern designer furniture could be sold and bought from a trusted source, without the fuss or unpredictability of the auction house.
Kate teamed up with one of the UK’s leading interior designers, Lynne Hunt, to bolster LOT’s curatorial credentials. Lynne has designed luxury hotels and residences from Europe to the Far East. Together, Kate and Lynne have developed the LOT concept, and now combine their collective knowledge to review all submissions for their quality, condition and authenticity before they are listed.
What makes LOT different to other resellers and marketplaces is that the selection of products available is carefully curated by experts in contemporary design. Each piece of furniture is assessed for its quality, authenticity and value, so you know it’s the real deal. Every month, they will create a fresh edit of the home page to showcase the pieces that are making their designer hearts race at that moment in time.

LOT is  about buying and selling, nothing else. No hype, no hassle. Just beautiful, well-made designer furniture waiting for a new owner.
I have been waiting for somebody to implement that brilliant idea, with taste. Here it is, make the most of it.


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