Low Maintenance Lawn

Green lawn all year round

Do you live in London and are you tired of replacing your lawn every year? Would your budding football players pros love to have astroturf in the backyard!?

If the answer is yes I have the solution for you…Ben will come to advise you on the best artificial lawn to be found in the UK. There are several looks and types of lawn you can choose from depending on your style.

Kensington, Mayfair, Belgravia, Knightsbridge are all the names of their styles with different grass height and colour. They have cleverly inserted dead grass infills to make it look even more real. When it comes to artificial lawn, the quality has to be the best and it has to look as real as possible. This company is the most reputable one and offers the best quality. Top Home and garden designers will only use their grass.

The pictures speak for themselves!

The price range from £50-70 + VAT per sqm depending on which grass you choose, and there is wastage fee to add to the total quote. The upside is that it will last for virtually ever.

Ring or email Ben now to get his precious advice; he will send you samples and come and visit to help you making the best choice.


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