Bespoke Neon Art

Lighten up your walls with bespoke neon art

Joanna has always loved the idea of lighting up people’s lives in various ways: Neon art is the epitome of it of course!
Having trained in furniture restoration she has considerable expertise in hand-crafting raw materials into high quality heirloom pieces.

Joanna’s mission is to translate our own handwriting into stunning focal pieces of neon art within our homes that continue to light up our lives long after Joanna’s work is done. She has done this for 4 years now and has done a PAT course to follow uk safety regulation.
She has a very sunny personality so it comes as no surprise that she has found her passion in lightning people’s lives with handcrafting their own favourite neon message or meaningful symbol. She can make them in any sizes, no size is too big; and they can be made for outside.
She usually make them on a backing board, to match your walls colour, so you don’t see any wires; if you choose perspex, it is super cool but it shows the leads. It can also be chased into the wall.

She also has a range of stock items that she has created that range from hearts at £450, I LOVE YOU at £850, Sunshine £650.

Finally, did you know that Neon is healing as it is good for SAD- season affective disorder?
I personally love neon signs and I can’t wait to do one with Joanna, she is such a joy to be with!



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