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Get motivated again with the right job for you.

It was really inspiring to meet Katharine Landale the Founder of Bold New World who decided the new generation of successful and motivated retired executives deserved a break as their past experience could still be highly profitable to a business. As a former headhunter I, of course, immediately related to her new business endeavour.
Katharine set up Bold New World to provide a trusted recruitment tool for companies and charities looking for experienced candidates in a range of contracts.

“We aim to provide an umbrella for Returners, Rethinkers, Rebalancers and Retirers. We promote them and their capabilities and do not advertise any roles unsuitable for this great pool of people. Each role is carefully checked.” says Landale.

They have been successful in recruiting a wide range of roles from Trustees to part time PAs and offer several recruiting options enabling companies to fill vacancies in a cost effective and efficient manner. From advertising only to a bespoke headhunt, they can cover it all. One thing remains firm though, they only take on candidates with existing business experience, some maybe looking to return to work, others for a change of career direction. An employer recently said ‘I could have hired every candidate that walked through my office door’.

Additionally they provide support to candidates that are seeking a boost in their confidence before they take on their next challenge. They run regular Reskilling Programmes and give endless advice on interview, CVs and career coaching.

“The working world is changing dramatically with the boundary between home and work blurring to encourage flexible and mobile working practices as the norm. Flexible working for returners is the new buzz word, we hope to encourage employers to find ways to incorporate both into their businesses.” she says.

I am delighted to be able to join her new business as one of her ambassadors to champion it.
Whether you would like to dedicate some time to a business which match your skills and track record or are looking to recruit someone into your business, Check Bold New World, they might have the solution to your need as a candidate or as a recruiter.


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