“The first time I saw a tiger”

“The naturalists in India and Nepal, some with over 40 years of experience under their belt, cannot pinpoint a description or group of words that mirror the event.


The emotion I experienced when I saw wild tigers for the first time was greater and superior then any other high I have had to this day. My first Tiger sighting is still the most surreal and memorable moment I have had in my lifetime, I can re live it second by
second. You first experience a stream of excitement and eagerness, peering from your elephant to get your first glimpse. Next comes a euphoric chill when you see the biggest cat on the planet, you are then in total awe to their power and size, presence and strength. But the final emotion and the most memorable, is an overwhelming feeling of beauty and magnificence, like a special moment when you are at your happiest and you want to cry. It’s that magical joy that stays with you for a lifetime and brings you back time and time again to try and see Wild Tigers. If you look into those individuals who have continuously supported Tiger conservation over the years and ask them how it all began, I imagine you may get a similar story.”


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