Almost Essential – The Story


Good news. There is now an easier way to find the right services and gifts in London.

With so many services on offer here in London, it can be difficult to know whom to trust. And if you’ve got a busy life, there’s never enough time to find out whether they’re going to be heroes or cowboys.

That’s why I built Almost Essential: a place where you can find carefully chosen services, gifts which are my finds, all guaranteed to please.

Having cherry-picked the very best London has to offer, Almost Essential saves you time while ensuring that you receive impeccable service. Across my website, you’ll discover a wide range of services, from useful services like plumbers and electricians to superfluous ones like party planners.

But no matter how diverse, they’re all reliable, professional, friendly and fairly priced. Simply search for whatever you need, learn all about it and then click to book directly from the website.

When ordinary is not enough, you can rely on the AE Shop for finds or gifts that put a smile on someone’s face – or just yours! You’ll also find discounts exclusive to Almost Essential, saving you money as well as time. For a more exclusive gifting service, join Michelle’s Inner Circle, my getaway to a curated gift service.

As a former executive search consultant based in London, I’ve spent my entire career honing my ability to understand people and what they have to offer. And as a mother of two teenage boys and a wife, I also know how precious your time is! if you need a more personalised service, I have started a Lifestyle Management service where I will personally make your life easier, you just need to retain me on a hourly basis.

Since 2012, I’ve devoted these skills to curating a catalogue of services which meet the highest standards – and sharing them with the growing AE community of like-minded Londoners.

So take a look at my selection, share your thoughts with us, and start making your life a little bit simpler.

Welcome to Almost Essential, I will make your life better, one service at a time!

Michelle Junne de Biolley


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