Almost Essential – The story

Almost Essential was set up in April 2012, when I saw a gap in the London market for a curated selection of peerless, realistically priced services which have been tried and tested to satisfy discerning people requests. Almost Essential is a unique concept created for the London community of like minded people, to facilitate the booking of my selection of the finest service providers at the best possible price.

As a former executive search consultant, searching for the best is part of my DNA. I personally test all the services featured on the site or rely on recommendations of people I trust because of their discerning taste. It would be really helpful if you could review the services you use, to make sure that your experience is as good as mine.

As I continuously look for and test new services, all your requests for specific services are welcome; and dont hesitate to share any of the services you can’t live without!

Whilst searching for services, I have also come across interesting “finds” which I am excited to share with you. They are wonderful gifts, some useful, some really extravagant; They can all be bought here via the Almost Essential website. Most of these products are exclusively available on Almost Essential with discounts I have specially negotiated for you .

One of Almost Essential primary goal is to help busy people better manage their lives and save time, so they can focus on the things they love like their family, friends or even picking up a book! Almost Essential is like a club, aimed at busy people of a similar mindset, searching for quality, professionalism and friendliness when they need to book a service or buy a gift.

As a professional and as a mother of two amazing teenage boys, I had to learn how to manage my time! Hopefully my selection of services and gifts, the Must of London’s lifestyle, will help you better manage your time. Start booking or buying them now to save time.

I am passionate about Almost Essential and believe that it offers something unique in a world where you can find most things, but are not always sure which will best match your expectations.

Thank you for your trust.

Michelle de Biolley 


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