Almost Essential London – The Story

Almost Essential is a Way of Life.

Here we introduce you to the best of the best services and gifts London has to offer and beyond.

As a former executive search consultant based in London, I’ve spent majority of my career understanding people, businesses and what they have to offer. As a mother of two teenage boys and a wife, I also know how precious your time is and how under pressure one can feel. Coupled with the frenzy of London and the variety of options, one can easily feel overwhelmed.

There is now an easier way to find the right services and personalised gifts in London. We are the lifestyle concierge you have been looking for, with an independent twist.

What we are about

Welcome to Almost Essential: the luxury lifestyle management company I founded, where you can find carefully curated services, gifts which are my finds from the best independent luxury brands, all guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Our motto is to support small and independent businesses and services and we are keen to promote sustainability if there is a choice.

Having cherry-picked the very best London has to offer, Almost Essential saves you time while ensuring that you receive impeccable service. Across my website, you will discover a wide range of services, from service providers like plumbers and electricians to luxury ones like party planners. But no matter how diverse, they are all reliable, professional, friendly and fairly priced.

How we work

Simply search for whatever you need, learn all about it and then click to book directly from the website. When ordinary is not enough, you can rely on the Almost Essential Shop for finds or gifts that put a smile on someone’s face – or just yours! We also sell some products exclusively on our website which you can order directly from us and others will take you to an enquiry page for the respective retailer.

If you still can’t make up your mind, you can sign up to my Inner Circle where I will do the grunt work to source the gifts for you on a monthly basis. This service is again used by those who are struggling to find creative ideas for gifting easily and need a variety of those on a regular basis. More information can be found on the Inner Circle page. What’s more fun is you and a friend can join for the first month free!

Lifestyle Management

If you need a more personalised service and time investment, I have started a Lifestyle Management service where I will personally make your life easier. We will find the time that suits you and get started. This service is suited to those that are time poor, either new to London or looking to restart in some areas. I am here whichever stage you may be at and help you manoeuvre through the city.

Since 2012, I’ve devoted these skills to curating a catalogue of services which meet the highest standards – and sharing them with the growing AE community of like-minded Londoners.

If you are a brand

If you are a brand or service looking to partner with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. We ensure that all brands are tried and tested before being promoted on our website and would love to speak with you,



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