Geeta Sidhu-Robb Health Coaching

Her dynamism is contagious

Geeta Sidhu Robb began her work as a health coach in 2008 shortly after starting her company Nosh Detox.

Determined to overcome difficult life circumstances, she began looking for a job while teaching up to 18 yoga classes a week for children. She saved every penny and used it to build her organic food and juice programme delivery business, Nosh Detox. She also found work as a corporate negotiator for a telecom company.

“This philosophy has guided my path. Going from a career as a corporate lawyer to starting a health and nutrition company from scratch came with significant challenges. I took on these challenges headfirst with the hope of providing not only myself and my children with a more balanced life, but to provide my clients with guidance and encouragement as they began their journey to a healthier, happier life as well.” she says.

She gained a deeper knowledge of the body’s workings and Within 3 years, she became qualified as a Raw Chef, Health Coach and Nutrition Specialist and has since provided thousands of clients with the guidance and support they needed while embarking on their health journey. “I hope that my story provides you with the inspiration to change your own life as it has for so many of my clients.”

It’s not always easy to change your life, but it’s infinitely better to make positive changes voluntarily before a massive personal or health crisis forces you into it. It’s time to find a new way to think. There’s a way out of this old way of being. If you’re ready to go from surviving to thriving and create a powerfully aligned life, Geeta is the coach you are looking for.
She is specialised in nutrition and perimenopause coaching to help women lose weight and what she calls stress fat.
I find that weight management and perimenopause and menopause side effects are thought to manage on one’s own, Geeta is very attentive to your needs ; her dynamism and drive is contagious and very motivating. Check for yourself and book a 30 mins discovery call with her via the contact buttons.


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