Ceramic Frog


Cute and cheeky for your home

These really cheeky baby frogs are made by the heir to a famous French ceramist artist who was notorious for supplying luxury houses like Dior and Coco Chanel, reknown designers such as Royère, Jansen, Barret, Sacks, Lapidouse and taste makers like Princess Margaret and Jackie Kennedy which personally comes to the workshop to put through personalised orders.
The baby frogs are hand made white earthenware and are coated with a light green, yellow, blue or white enamel.
They can be used as charming little trays, bowls or planters, the baby frog will enlighten your interior and make a perfect gift.

Size:14 × 10 × 9 cm
My advices to buy a pair and combine the colours to make a statement.

Like all handcrafted beautiful products, they are all made to order and lead time is 8 weeks.

For more info on bespoke orders and other products by the same craftsman and for stock email me here


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