Freshly Made Pasta Delivered To You

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Pasta is good for you, specially when freshly made with different and authentic Italian ingredients. I love this new passionate brand who cares about authenticity, quality and makes your life easier and better by delivering the most delicious ready made pasta dishes home.

The Pasta Evangelists team deliver fresh, artisanal pasta dishes every week across London to your home. Their recipes are light, tender and incredibly versatile, with a different, authentic Italian story behind each dish. They do wheat free recipes too.

It is all beautifully packaged, arrives at your door on the day of your choice and you order as many portions as you want.

We had the most delicious raviolis in a truffle sauce, we ever tasted in London, filled of really fresh vegetables instead of the usual mushy paste you find in raviolis. It is all ready in 5 minutes , this is a must try….why make your life complicated when it can be so easy…

Don’t forget to add ALMOSTESSENTIAL10 at checkout to get £10 off your first order when you click on the order your pasta button or click here to go to their website and order your fresh pasta now.

Prices start at £7.50 per portion



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