Personalised Gifts and Accessories

It has your name on it

Almost Essential loves monogramming and personalisation and we think it is one of the best way to make a gift stand out.

Nothing says thoughtful or ‘nailed it’ more than a personalised gift – especially when there is no limitation on the personalisation with over 50 monogram font styles and thread colours. A preview function allows you to see the monogram design on any item on the website, change both font style or thread colour as much as you like, each time seeing how the design looks, until you are happy with your completely bespoke look. It is a unique shopping experience. These are monograms that are far more than just initials, they are a form of self-expression which can be applied to just about anything. It basically make any gift much more exciting and gets any item alive!

I have made so many friends, children and teenagers happy with their monogrammed gifts. This line of gifts is suited to all circumstances: beach, country, city, travel and home accessories.

Please register or log in with AE first, then click on the Go to the website button to discover this curated collection and choose your personalised gift. It is a great shopping experience.


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