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Curated. Authentic. Vintage.

This is a call to all vintage fashion lovers. I discovered this amazing vintage fashion website where you can buy and also sell your authentic vintage pieces you cant keep anymore. Rest assured that they will find a happy chic new owner.

Founded by two fashion veterans from VOGUE and Self Service Magazines, Re-SEE is a re-commerce site that focuses on iconic moments that revolutionized fashion. They believe great fashion should be worn and shopped in an immersive, engaging and approachable way.

Based in Paris, all pieces are Authenticated and condition carefully inspected before being proposed to you. They dry clean and repair all items when necessary and ship globally. One of the founder is also based in London so she will come and look at the pieces you want to sell.
They basically take care of EVERYTHING for you!
Re-SEE is the EASIEST way to SELL your remarkable Fashion pieces. Re-SEE shoots, stocks and ships your item Globally, so that you don’t have to do anything.
They also offer upfront purchase on key collections and offer consignors more money for their pieces than other re-commerce sites. They Value your Collection and are fashion experts who will bring you beloved items back to life.

I have given them several of my vintage pieces that did not suit me anymore. They are now selling all the pieces online, have styled them in a really chic way so much so that i nearly bought back my pieces!

In a nutshell, being experimental and relevant, Re-SEE allows you to SHOP and SELL the Best from Past Collections. Make an appointment via their website or check what they have in store,  you will love it.


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