Terres de Reves Ceramics

Cool and refined ceramic tableware

I am so happy to introduce you to my talented Belgian artist friend Anita le Grelle who makes the most beautiful ceramic tableware. She studied Sculpture at the Royal College of Arts in London and is now doing the most wonderful ceramics. They are all handmade in her kiln (special oven for ceramics) in Brussels.

The ceramics shapes are very tactile and the ceramics colours are beautiful and unique.

The small ceramic vases are a must to dress up your table, they also look good if you put several on a side table to form a bouquet of flowers. The big serving ceramic plates are a must for salad or pasta or a nice fruit salad, their  use is endless and will make everything look appetising. The smaller size bowls are also great to serve nuts, olives or anything you can think of. They all integrate perfectly in your life to make it beautiful but yet all her pieces are very useful and very well thought out.
I absolutely adore the whole range of fruits and vegetables in either white or the colours of your choice, they add a beautiful feature to your table decoration and are a unique centre table.

The small expresso cups or herbal tea mugs are also a must and are great gifts.

She can make anything for you, in the desired quantities and it will be despatched to your Home. Contact via Almost Essential for more info.
There is also a whole tableware range in 4 colours, dark blue, light blue, beige and terracotta, Contact via Almost Essential to get more info.


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