Party Napkins

£180.00 per set of 8

Stylish Party Tricks

These white 100% linen napkins are a fun addition to your table setting. They come in a set of 8 and each of them has an adjective embroidered on them in different vibrant colours. The adjectives are funny, sassy, sexy, chatty, naughty, feisty, witty and worldly.

They are a great party trick and a fun way to get your party going. Use them as a placement with the adjective you choose for your guest or let your guest choose the adjective they relate the most to. We have had hilarious sessions with them.

The napkins are of a generous size, 48×48 cm, and made of 100% wonderful linen quality. As they are white, they go well with any colour placemats and would match particularly well the waxed linen placemats.

They go in the washing machine, I let them dry naturally and iron when still humid so they are very crisp.

They are a great hostess gift and trust me they wont have received those before.

Email me here if you would prefer other adjectives


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