Tamara von Schenk Coasters

£110.00 Set of 6 coasters

Colourful and funky, we love the special Valentine ones.

To complement Tamara von Schenk collection of placemats she has now created a range of coasters.
They are wood based, decorated with paper and sealed so that they are waterproof and heat resistant.
As for her placemats, Tamara has used colour, wit and flair to create sets that provide visual entertainment for any table.
Every coaster is individually made by her and what initially started off as a creative outlet, has quickly become popular amongst celebrities and people with flair.

The result is a selection of unique and one of a kind handmade coaster that adds colour to your table.
They come in a box with a set of 6 and cost £95 for the set.
She has created special ones for Valentine in red or gold, the Valentine set is £110.

This is a super cool gift which you will be remembered for.

They are made to order, so please contact Tamara via Almost Essential to discuss which one you would like to order. There are some ready made too.


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