Coolest Swimming Trunks

£135.00 Plain ones

Never too late to buy him a cool swimming short.

Those swimming trunks are, without doubt, the best ones I have come across. The collection meets all the criterias of quality craftmanship, colours and shape.

They are of course all made in Italy and the colour scheme and patterns are inspired by my favourite Italian region, the magnificent coastal region of Maremma in Tuscany. Inspired by its authentic lifestyle, unique nature, breathtaking views, and magical ambience, these swimsuits are exclusively Hand Made in Italy from finest materials
The colours of the swimming trunks are all subtle but cool and they blend in with nature. The material is made for super fast drying, coloured with natural extracts at low 36° degree temperature to respect the Environment.
The plain ones can be monogrammed with your initials to give it the additional je ne sais quoi. The patterned ones have very discreet patterns, inspired by the sea and the countryside: seagull feet, seahorses, pelicans, boars.
My boys love them and lived in them this Summer.

The packaging is beautiful, also made in Italy and fully recyclable and bio degradable.
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